Battery Load Checker BL-CHECK-N1

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2-in-1 Battery condition checker.
Ability to check V-Mount battery or our BP Style series battery,
and more by connecting our option*1.

[How to use]
1. Connect fully charged battery, output voltage will be displayed.
2. Push button to load(for 14.8V about 54W / for 12V about 36W).
3. If the voltage down is less than 0.5V, the battery health is recognized as normal.
If the voltage down more than 1.0V, it is recognized as poor condition.

Voltage range: 7.2V to 24V*2
Dimensions: H 141 x W 85 x D 38 mm
Weight: 350g

*1: We have options to test SONY L-Series battery etc.
*2: Option is needed in the case to test 7.2V or 24V range battery.